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About Maiocco & Associates

About Maiocco & Associates

Maiocco & Associates specializes in the design and fabrication of new and replacement heating and cooling coils, tube bundles and heat exchangers. Our expert design capabilities is why we have been the area's leader in HVAC and industrial heat transfer solutions for over 25 years. Our leadership has been earned by offering a combination of:

•  Premium quality heat transfer equipment. We represent the leading manufacturers of fluid and steam heating and

cooling coils, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, and electric duct heaters and


•  Unmatched service. We are known for our professional delivery of unique heat transfer solutions, solid technical

expertise, and onsite solution management from beginning to the end.

•  Fast Response & Prompt Delivery. We are available 24/7. We understand the client’s urgency when critical HVAC

and industrial processes are down. We strive to become an integral and long term partner in the solution process.

•  Accountability. We provide free field inspections and measurements to assure the right equipment is specified and

delivered. We make ourselves personally available and accountable to the facilities and engineering teams charged

with keeping processes effective and efficient.


Our clients include contractors, wholesalers, engineering firms, institutions, manufacturers and end users. We continue to be the company to turn to when quick, seamless heat transfer replacement equipment is needed.


MAi On The Job
MAi On The Job

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